What is Meditation?

Meditation is one of the most ancient techniques for stilling the mind and gaining insight into the self. Learning to ‘just be’ with ourselves, with no agenda no judgement no goal and no intention other than to be present as we breathe in our bodies in the present moment, is a very powerful tool for overcoming fear. One by one our demons eventually give up and go away, realising that our commitment to ‘the practice’ is stronger than any threat or enticement they could confront us with. The ‘self’ we are left with is the kernel of our authentic being which slowly reveals itself in the space created.

Meditation is simple and profound. The practice is deeply challenging and highly rewarding. It is based in the breath, and the reality of impermanence – everything changes continually. Instruction is good, but if you want to begin on your own, find somewhere quiet to sit alone for five minutes and just watch your breathing. Do not be distracted by your thoughts or your body sensations. These will change and come and go. They do not concern you during the period of meditation.

If physical stillness is not achievable for you, I recommend kick boxing or the Osho practice of dynamic meditation if you prefer intense activity, or T’ai Chi or Chi Gong if a slower pace appeals.

However you choose to approach meditation, perseverance is required. As Alice Bailey reminds us: “Aspiration is presumably present to some degree or there would be no desire to meditate. It should be pointed out, however, that aspiration avails nothing unless it is endorsed by a strong will, a capacity to endure, and patient persistence.” Intellect to Intuition Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Trust 1932 / 1960, p. 99.

My personal practice since the late 1970’s has been vipassana meditation, though in the early ‘70’s I practiced Transcendental Meditation for several years and I have also experienced the “divine nectar, divine incense and divine music” spoken of by the guru of the Divine Light Mission in England. Over the years I have sat in the presence of a number of gurus, including the Dalai Lama.

How can we use Meditation in our work together?

I can teach you basic meditation techniques and we can practice together if you wish. As you begin a personal practice at home, you can bring any questions or difficulties you may be having to our sessions, and we will work together to resolve them. We can also discuss any meditation texts you may be reading, and I can recommend a variety of authors to you. There are, of course, a number of meditation groups in Paris with whom it is possible to sit. These range from Christian to Tibetan, with many varieties in between.