The Smiling Angel of Reims by Reims Cathedral

What are Angels?

Angels are all around us, more so in this new millennium than at any time in recent memory. They are here to help; the only requirement is that you ask. So, even if you feel foolish, call on the angels for assistance any time you feel you do not know how to handle a situation, and you will be amazed at the subtle change that follows.

Many of us believe in some higher power - whether Jesus, Allah, The Great Architect or another - but do not want to ‘bother’ such high beings with the trivial concerns of our daily lives. It is in just such situations that the angels are happy and willing to help. Angels are the ethereal embodiment of unconditional love and spiritual joy and it is often possible to feel their delight and happiness as they come to your aid.

How can we use Angels in our work together?

In our work together I help you, if appropriate, to find an angel or a ‘company of angels’ that is / are present for you. I encourage you to work with them to help you remain attuned to your best intentions as you move through your day and your week.

It is easier to be open-hearted, confident and generous when we know we do not have to do everything by ourselves, even if our helpers are invisible.

Remembering to call on the angels for help reminds you of how you want to approach any obstacles in your life – with optimism and humility, rather than fear and anger.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet How to Work with Angels 1998