Client Comments

Thanks for your loving guidance and healing touch. Solstice Blessings.

JB, Graphic Designer (Scottish)

Jeane has guided me through a healing process with insight and an understanding of the complexities of this process. She has a unique ability to see below the surface.

RT, Film Maker (Italian)

Working with you was one of the great highlights of the past year. You helped me to literally double my income.

AN, Investment Advisor (American)

I am living because of the partnership I have with Jeane. Together we help me grow.

JD, AIDS Charity Worker (American)

I just want to thank you again for the workshop yesterday. It was really great. I’m seeing that I’m going to get a lot out of it as the days go by. It’s just not a one shot deal. It’s very subtle work. I see that it sinks in and keeps working.

GT, Professor (American/French)

You bring me a lot at a profound level that I need and I thank you for that, especially for that.

CF, Businesswoman (Brazilian)

I’m definitely feeling a lot better since I started seeing you. I don’t know if that’s why, but you can take credit for it.

KB-L, Lawyer (American)

The healing session was wonderful…very warming.

JF, Politician (English)

I was convinced that no one could get through my intelligence, my self-negation, my emotional manipulation. Gloriously I was wrong. I had never met an emotional/spiritual worker that labored and lived like Jeane, someone who was so honest I did not feel like an anomaly, someone who shared her beauty, her knowledge, her addictions with me so that I could recognize the different aspects of myself.

JD, Painter (American)

Working with you is different than working with other therapists or healers. With you there is a spiritual dimension. You create a channel for my soul.

FP, Dance Therapist (French)

What I like about doing this work with you is that I have to be real. It’s challenging but it’s good, too. I get to be real for a change.

CH, Writer (German)

Your help is very precious to me.

NZ, Administrator (Algerian)

I feel as if I’ve found a missing part of myself. I’m a lot calmer, and everything seems so much easier since I’ve been seeing you.

LL, Homemaker (English)