Consultation Fees, Frequency and Duration

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“How much do you charge?”

My basic fee is based on a one hour in-person consultation.
France 95 Euro
US 125 USD
Australia 120 AUD
This is a 60-minute hour.


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“How often do you recommend a session?”

This depends on what you are working on and what treatment modalities you select. In general, clients who are embarking on a period of self-transformation choose to have closely spaced sessions: twice a week, weekly or fortnightly.


Others, who are looking more for generalised support in an on-going change process may come once every three weeks, once a month or every six weeks.


Still others come for the occasional “check-in”, having a Metamorphic session or a Tarot reading seasonally, approximately every three months.


And there are clients who come for Healing or ‘crisis intervention’ as the need arises.


So it is really up to you to choose what meets your needs – or what you are in the mood for - at any given moment. I am here to help in whatever ways I can.


“How long does it take to change?”

Of course this depends on you – your commitment to your change process, and your prior experience of personal work. Since we are doing counselling and not coaching, your willingness to face perhaps uncomfortable truths about yourself and to work through your fears and inhibitions takes the time it takes. It is important not to rush your psyche, to avoid unnecessary shock by being gentle and nurturing to yourself as you shed old patterns and give birth to the new you.


Traditional psychoanalysis is judged to take four years of five weekly sessions. In my experience, even a more superficial psychotherapy experience, to be real and meaningful, requires at least two years of regular (once or twice weekly) sessions. Very short commitments of six weeks can be helpful, if you are focused on the work you are doing and very open to your own processes.


At the other end of the spectrum, I will only work with someone for a maximum of nine years, because no matter how fruitful the exchange, I believe it is important for you to change teachers after nine years to have a new perspective and to ensure that you maintain your autonomy.


So the answer is up to you – the kind of “accompagnatrice” you seek and the resources you are willing and able to commit to yourself at this time. And the idea you have about this when we start our work together can certainly change in the course of your personal development.

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