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What are Affirmations?

An affirmation is a positive statement in the present tense which “affirms” a reality you want. By repeating this statement regularly (at least three times three times a day) it gradually becomes something you believe and that is true in your life.

It is said that “in the beginning was the word” and it is certainly true that the words you use have power. By making a conscious choice to voice words that state the truth you seek, you allow that truth to enter your life. Or, to put it another way, “form follows thought” so think good thoughts to enable good things to happen.

Just try it; you might be pleasantly surprised. But as in all these techniques, you must allow at least three weeks of regular use before you evaluate the results.

How can we use Affirmations in our work together?

Listening to your story, I become aware of your hidden beliefs that may be stopping you from making the changes your conscious mind has decided you want to make to improve your situation. Together we develop the appropriate affirmations for you to use to help shift your attitude and expectations.

Our subconscious responds to the messages we send it. Even if we are unaware of our thoughts, they are received and acted upon by our deeper selves. So beliefs like “I am a bad person”, “money is the root of all evil” or “I am going to get cancer” keep us in a negative energy sphere, unable to experience real joy, even if these beliefs are held below the threshold of our everyday consciousness. To have a more positive orientation to life, it is important in the process of spiritual counselling to bring these beliefs to the surface and gradually transform them. Replacing negative thought patterns with positive affirmations is one of the tools we use in this work.

Affirmations can also be used to help establish new habits even if there is no negative belief impeding the manifestation of your new behaviour. For example ”I give thanks every day for the abundance in my life” can reinforce your habit of expressing gratitude. This simple ‘mantra’ can remind you of your grace, and help you to be humble in the face of the mysteries of the universe. Since the ego is the greatest obstacle to self-realisation, any affirmation that helps the ego to see itself in its proper proportion will create space in which your soul can dance.

I am a firm believer in small steps towards a goal, no matter how grandiose the eventual results you seek. So I encourage you to develop affirmations that address the challenges immediately in front of you, because in meeting these successfully you move closer to your desired reality.


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