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Tibetan Crystals by discoverthesound.comWhat are Crystals?

Crystals are naturally occurring rock formations of particular mineral content. Crystal colours are created by a limited range of metals, most notably chromium, iron, manganese, titanium and copper. Crystals have orderly atomic structures and are created in one of seven symmetry systems. Crystals emit a small electrical pulse, called piezoelectricity, and the body’s magnetic field responds. This harmonic energy, when added to your own can bring healing and strengthening to corresponding bodily systems.

If you are at all aware of your own energy, and how it interacts with energies from other sources, you are likely to be able to feel the energy of crystals. Each attunes to a particular aspect of our energy field and harmonises with it. Their powerful yet subtle energies can help us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

There are a variety of theories about the spiritual nature of crystals, and as in all such matters, you must eventually decide your own beliefs on these subjects. The New Age beliefs that crystals have a consciousness which can be “programmed” and that the energy contained in each crystal is gender-specific, seem to me to be culture-specific ideas that have been projected on to these ancient gems. I prefer to honour them in their universality, and to humble myself before their power, rather than try to bend their energies to my ego-driven will.


How can we use Crystals in our work together?

I can recommend different crystals for you to use at different times in your development process.

You can use crystals (for example) to support your intention to give up smoking, or to remind you to have a loving attitude toward your partner. Crystals can calm your mind, open your heart, focus your attention and support your spiritual evolution, depending on the crystal you choose.

The most common ways to use crystals are to hold them in your hand or wear them as jewellery. They can also be put in your bath water or put under your pillow or by your bed at night. Another possibility is to wear a protective or guiding crystal in a pouch around your neck.

It is possible to have a “laying on of stones” session on the treatment table, when I will use a variety of crystals that correspond to your energy needs at the time. These are very intense powerful sessions which should not be undertaken casually. I require at least one full counselling session with you before we have a crystal therapy session.


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